Твиты из золота

Извиняйте, Интернет от Дом ру завис нипадецки. Чуть позже переведу, если не усну. Покуда читайте по-английски и переходите по ссылкам. Машабля только что опубликовала.

twitter-year-in-reviewTwitter’s Year in Review microsite offers a comprehensive look at the big trends of 2014.

The site is divided into two parts: Mentions and Perspectives. The first one gives a month-by-month recounting of the biggest events of the year, while the other lists top moments in the Twitter lives of various celebrities, from Lady Gaga and Jared Leto to the Duke of York.

Though Twitter doesn’t give precise stats here, some of the events that caused the biggest conversations were the mass kidnapping of girls in Nigeria, the World Cup craze, the Super Bowl, the missing Malaysia Airlines plane and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution. (Many more events are included on the site.)

On Twitter’s blog, the company’s chief communications officer, Gabriel Stricker, shared some more data on some of these moments. According to his post, the World Cup was the biggest sports story in 2014, with 672 million tweets sent. There were 2.3 million tweets about the Umbrella Revolution, and more than 18 million tweets about the Ferguson protests.

Still, the most retweeted tweet of the year — Twitter calls it the «Golden Tweet» — is Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie, with more than 3.3 million retweets.

Check out all of Twitter’s biggest-of-the-year moments here.


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